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Hello, I'm Bearnard (a.k.a. Bernie) B. Behr. I travel around the United States with my human Gary, who is a professional tour guide for California Sunriders motorcycle tours. We both come from Conifer, Colorado, a nice little town in the Rocky Mountains. We travel all over the country finding beautiful places and meeting all sorts of people from around the world. I keep Gary from getting in trouble and help him keep the guests on his tours happy, not an easy job! We have a lot of fun together and see a lot of really great places, and since Gary is a professional photographer too, we have some great pictures too (usually starring yours truly). Gary also likes to write a lot, (he's a little long-winded but tells a good story) so there's usually a lot to read. It's a good thing too, I can't type very well with these paws, so I'll have Gary do most of the writing. Keep coming back and enjoy the blog. Feel free to post a comment or make suggestions (like how to keep these crazy humans in line!) and we look forward to reading them. Sincerely, Bearnard B. Behr And Gary Fleshman

Monday, December 17, 2007

At the NEC Motorcycle Show

A good time at the NEC Motorcycle Show!
After a long day of travel we finally made it to the NEC in Birmingham, England. After spending about 14 hours on airplanes and almost 24 hours of travel time we made it! The flight across the "pond" was comfortable, and I was lucky to get a seat all to myself (the crazy human was too cheap to buy me a seat) instead of riding all the way in the overhead compartment!

We finally arrived around noon in Birmingham and we were straight off to the booth for HC Travel to meet David Grist. We got to meet David right away and after a brief introduction we started talking to people about the motorcycle tours. I just wanted to go hibernate right away, but the insane Gary said it would be better if we stayed awake for as long as possible to prevent jet-lag. It was alright for him, he just kept drinking lots and lots of coffee! We finished at about 6 that evening and after stopping for dinner at a local Pub for dinner it was time to go to the Bed & Breakfast for a well deserved (and badly needed) rest.

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