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Hello, I'm Bearnard (a.k.a. Bernie) B. Behr. I travel around the United States with my human Gary, who is a professional tour guide for California Sunriders motorcycle tours. We both come from Conifer, Colorado, a nice little town in the Rocky Mountains. We travel all over the country finding beautiful places and meeting all sorts of people from around the world. I keep Gary from getting in trouble and help him keep the guests on his tours happy, not an easy job! We have a lot of fun together and see a lot of really great places, and since Gary is a professional photographer too, we have some great pictures too (usually starring yours truly). Gary also likes to write a lot, (he's a little long-winded but tells a good story) so there's usually a lot to read. It's a good thing too, I can't type very well with these paws, so I'll have Gary do most of the writing. Keep coming back and enjoy the blog. Feel free to post a comment or make suggestions (like how to keep these crazy humans in line!) and we look forward to reading them. Sincerely, Bearnard B. Behr And Gary Fleshman

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Going to Chicago August 2010 Day 1

Silly humans making silly videos! We're on our way to Chicago!
So we're on our way to Chicago to begin our August Route 66 tour. The silly humans gave me the best seat in the house for the drive out to Chicago. Yep, that was me sitting in the from window watching the miles roll by on our exhausting 1200 mile road trip to get ready to start a new tour. I was holding the camera a bit while the silly human Gary was talking…and then he took it away from me. Well enough of my rambling on…Here's the video…
So that's the start…more to come. Keep checking back for more! 
Hello everyone…so it's been a while since the silly human has posted anything for me… I started hibernating in December and asked him to do a couple of posts when he had the time. Well, as usual he's been a lazy bum and not done anything. His excuse is that he's been busy working for a new company and forgot…yeah, RIGHT! I woke up a few days ago, and been chewing on his heels since, to get something posted…so here's what we've been up to!
Of course we've been doing our tours…

…and doing some traveling…

…and just hanging out at home. 

Let's start with the tours we did this last summer. We had a great season but only got to do Historic Route 66, but that's alright, both the silly human and I love doing it. This year he even made another music video. 

So there you go…

As for this year we've been busy taking people on tours again and riding down Historic Route 66. We've had a great time as usual and we're not done yet! Also at the end of this year we will also be taking some old friends on a very special "Invitation Only" tour of the historic southwestern United States. The silly human used to live in Texas for about ten years and did a lot of motorcycle riding while he was down there. He knows of some really great roads in some very remote places…where tourists or tours almost never go! We'll be sure to take plenty of pictures while we're doing the tour and post them up on the blog so everyone can see! 

So that's about all for now…but keep checking back. I've gotten the silly human feeling guilty for not posting anything in a long time and he's promised me he will be putting more on the blog from now on. Until next time remember to keep the rubber on the road and the shiny side up!