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Hello, I'm Bearnard (a.k.a. Bernie) B. Behr. I travel around the United States with my human Gary, who is a professional tour guide for California Sunriders motorcycle tours. We both come from Conifer, Colorado, a nice little town in the Rocky Mountains. We travel all over the country finding beautiful places and meeting all sorts of people from around the world. I keep Gary from getting in trouble and help him keep the guests on his tours happy, not an easy job! We have a lot of fun together and see a lot of really great places, and since Gary is a professional photographer too, we have some great pictures too (usually starring yours truly). Gary also likes to write a lot, (he's a little long-winded but tells a good story) so there's usually a lot to read. It's a good thing too, I can't type very well with these paws, so I'll have Gary do most of the writing. Keep coming back and enjoy the blog. Feel free to post a comment or make suggestions (like how to keep these crazy humans in line!) and we look forward to reading them. Sincerely, Bearnard B. Behr And Gary Fleshman

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The silly human has been lazy again…until now.

What's happened since last time…

 I got so see my friends on historic Route 66 again this summer…like Mr. Sam at the round barn in Arcadia, Oklahoma.
 As well as my good buddy Ken Turmel, the guy who made the Postmark Artwork of Route 66. A really neat idea he had to document all the postmarks of all the towns along the Route before they all disappeared. Take a look at his website to see more about it, it is…http://www.postmarkart.com/

 I also met a bunch of traveling stuffed animals along the way just like me!
I also got to meet some real nutters out on the road as well, like this guy. He was driving a lawnmower from coast to coast, from California to New York. He was doing it for a promotion for Craftsman tools, and of course their lawnmowers. But he rode the thing for about 4,000 Miles across the U.S.A., and I call Gary the silly human…hmmmm…maybe I should re-think that.

We also went to the Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee for our Route 66 Deluxe tour…and when the silly human took me into the gift shop I was bear-napped! Although I didn't mind because they were two very cute and cuddly girls! The silly human was turning green with envy…

 …especially when they started kissing and cuddling with me instead of him! I'm one LUCKY bear…better luck next time Gary!

 We also meet this fellow at Roy's station in Amboy, California, and he's got something in common with the silly human…

 He's also got a tattoo of Route 66 as well…
nicely done. 
That's all for now…more to come in the coming days…like our annual trip to the U.K. where we are right now!

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Marlowe said...

It looks like you had a very exciting summer. I agree with you-- 4000 miles on a lawnmower is a very strange thing for a human to decide to do.