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Hello, I'm Bearnard (a.k.a. Bernie) B. Behr. I travel around the United States with my human Gary, who is a professional tour guide for California Sunriders motorcycle tours. We both come from Conifer, Colorado, a nice little town in the Rocky Mountains. We travel all over the country finding beautiful places and meeting all sorts of people from around the world. I keep Gary from getting in trouble and help him keep the guests on his tours happy, not an easy job! We have a lot of fun together and see a lot of really great places, and since Gary is a professional photographer too, we have some great pictures too (usually starring yours truly). Gary also likes to write a lot, (he's a little long-winded but tells a good story) so there's usually a lot to read. It's a good thing too, I can't type very well with these paws, so I'll have Gary do most of the writing. Keep coming back and enjoy the blog. Feel free to post a comment or make suggestions (like how to keep these crazy humans in line!) and we look forward to reading them. Sincerely, Bearnard B. Behr And Gary Fleshman

Monday, July 24, 2006

Santa Fe…take a break in a beautiful town!

Santa Fe Plaza & The Palace of the Govenors at night

Day eight is a rest day in Santa Fe. Today is the day we get to sleep in, getting up whenever we feel like it and having time to go explore Santa Fe on our own. After waking up my human, Gary (he’s a hard guy to wake up, almost like me hibernating in the winter) we headed off for a nice light breakfast of coffee and croissants. The rest of the group slowly wanders out of the hotel and explores this beautiful city in thier own way.
There’s plenty of things to do and go see in Santa Fe, shopping, sightseeing, dozens on art galleries, all kinds of resturaunts and cafes. Most popular however is the Plaza in old town, with it’s many art galleries and shops it’s a great place to spend the day. One of the most popular attractions in the plaza is buyng handmade Native American Navajo jewelry. Many of the artisans set up shop in front of the palace of the govenors to sell thier handiwork, beautiful jewelry, primarialy made of silver,turquoise,and tiger’s–eye. The plaza as also the place to find handmade rugs, woven in the local pueblos, and depict typical scenes and symbols of the native people.
Other activities are also available, including a guided tour of Santa Fe in an open trolley, or a day excursion up to Taos, another small town world renowned for its artist’s communes, and the home of painter Georgia O’Keefe (Sp?). This day ride takes you along the Rio Grande river and up into the pine forests of the rocky mountains, a welcome temperate ride down curvy mountain roads.Riding through the Rocky Mountains
Another popluar activity is to go pistol shooting at a local gun range. Considering the majority of the participants are from countries where even seeing a pistol is rare, getting the opportunity to shoot one is almost unthinkable. So it’s off to Tina’s Range gear for an afternoon of instruction and target pratice. Everyone has an opportunity to shoot various pistols, from the small .22 all the way up to the powerful .357 Magnum. Everyone gets instruction on gun saftey, range etiquette, and basic instruction. Then we buy a box of ammo and get in some target pratice.

So do you feel lucky punk?…well…do ya?

What do you mean we're out of ammo?

After shooting until we’ve gotten our fill, it’s back to the hotel to clean up and relax until time for dinner at another of Santa Fe’s fine resturaunts. After dinner we go check out some of the local drinking establishments for a nightcap before we turn in for a good night’s rest before we hit the road the next morning.

A Night on the town with Bearnie!

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